Objectives of the
metaFacturing Project

Data and Metadata for Advanced Digitalization
of Manufacturing Industrial Lines.

With the vision to create a widely-applicable DT based process setup and control framework, MetaFacturing focuses on the creation of a digitized toolchain for metal part production. This will allow to obtain a more resilient production process with respect to the raw materials used (e.g., recycled materials), to reduce the process operator effort, and to reduce scrap due to out-of-specification parts.

This toolchain aims to meet the requirements of industrial-scale part manufacturers (with a specific focus on metal parts) whose central obstacle is the effective use of available part and process data to improve time-to-market and product quality.

Industrial Lines

General Overview of the metaFacturing Project

Duration (Years)
Work Packages
Work Packages

The MetaFacturing framework will largely leverage a number of (beyond) state-of-the-art technologies, in the area of model-based data fusion, efficient process simulation, material characterization techniques, data standardisation and continuous Life Cycle Assessment, in order to develop efficient solutions ready for deployment in industrial processes.

With the use of standardised data interfaces, it is intended to create a framework that can be integrated into different types of processes in the manufacturing industry, well beyond the target cases in the MetaFacturing project

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