The Demonstrators/Processes of
the metaFacturing Project

Data and Metadata for Advanced Digitalization
of Manufacturing Industrial Lines.

Central in the project will be the development of two demonstrators, selected for the wide application of these processes in the manufacturing sector the high potential for replication/adaptation and the potential impact envisaged for their application and scale up at industrial level.

These two cases (listed below) share an important common denominator as they both employ metallic materials and have an important thermal component to them, which will help keep the focus in the project, while still being sufficiently broad in scope to guarantee the generalizability of the developed framework.

1. Casting & Cast Parts - (HPDC): • Decision support for improving process settings in cast part manufacturing. Estimate/correct the process settings that yield the best product quality (e.g., defect reduction).

• High Pressure Die Casting Plant DAK1100-112 is a fully automated, industrial-scale facility for advancing die casting processes and materials. Our services include custom alloy modification, flame-resistant magnesium alloy development, testing for microstructure and material characterization, component design focusing on mechanical properties and weight, temperature control concept development, energy management, Novaflow & Solid filling simulation, FEM component simulation, prototypes/small series production, and comprehensive die casting training. The facility serves as a versatile hub for die casting innovation and practical solutions.

2. Structural Welding - (WELDING LAB): • Data Fusion along the whole production – pre-weld, weld and post-weld; on- and offline analytics of the generated, combined data; control structures that improve the overall plant performance – via humans or directly through reconfiguring the sensors and actuators.

• The laboratory offers a range of possibilities. Besides welding of different materials, the laboratory offers the manufacturing of WAM prototypes and demonstrator parts. The Smart wire production route allows for the development of wires tailored to the needs of our customers. Other services provided by the laboratory include process and material characterization, optimization of existing welding or WAM processes, consulting, concept development, and feasibility studies. Additionally, the laboratory conducts analyses of WAM processes using numerical methods and implements online process monitoring. Calorimeters and efficiency measurements, environmental analyses (Life Cycle Assessment - LCA), dust measurements, and welding camera & process sensor technology are part of the comprehensive services offered.

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